What is adventure club?

1.The Content:
The Adventure Club curriculum compliments our Sunday morning Praise Factory Curriculum called, Generations of Grace. While Generations of Grace takes children chronologically through the Bible over the course of three years, Adventure Club takes the children deeper into various essential doctrines that we encounter all throughout the Bible.  

Year 1: The Truth about God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Year 2: The Truth about Man, Sin, and Salvation,
Year 3: The Truth about the Church, the Bible, and End Times.

A child who attends Adventure Club from 3 years-old through 5th grade will end up learning these doctrines three times over with each time being a different stage of life.

This type of teaching is known as Systematic theology. Systematic theology is understanding biblical topics (doctrines) from various passages in the Bible and then summarizing their teachings clearly so that we know what to believe about each topic. This is accomplished by teaching the biblical topics in a certain order (a system) so that each topic builds and fits together with one another.

2. The Uniformity:
Adventure Club is set up as a “unified curriculum” for the whole family. Every week, children in particular age ranges learn the same theological lesson and memorize the same Bible verse in a way that is appropriate for their respective age levels. A unified curriculum enables families to discuss one topic together each week, reinforcing the lesson that children have learned in Adventure Club.

3. Review Night:
Every 6 weeks is a special night called Review Night. This will be the children’s opportunity to recite the memory verses they learned over the past five weeks. This will help mitigate short-term memorization and encourage the children to remember God’s Word over a longer period of time, which will help it be planted deeper in their heart. Children are rewarded a fun, unique pin if he/she can recite their memory verses to their small group leader from the five preceding weeks.