Small Groups

At First Baptist at Weston

One of the highest priorities of FBC Weston is our small group ministry. We believe that true and meaningful ministry happens in a small group of believers. In order to successfully have a ministry where folks can learn, care for one another, and engage in the Great Commission together, we have deliberately modeled each group to reflect three simple elements: Grow, Care, and Go.


Small Groups help us grow to be more like Christ through the teaching of the Bible. The main emphasis of every class is to grow together in Christ likeness through the teaching of the Scriptures (Matthew 28:20, 2 Peter 3:18). How do we measure growth? We measure growth by: Competency (What you know), Conviction (What you believe), and Character (How you live). Sermons are the centrality of the worship service but they are not enough. There must be an opportunity for us to learn the Scriptures together with other believers and to think through how to apply the Bible with the help of others.


Small Groups provide a context for mutual care between believers (Philippians 2:4). Our relationship with Christ is personal, but according to the Bible IT IS NOT PRIVATE. We live the Christian life out in the context of the church that Christ has given us in order to help us persevere until the very end. Hebrews 10:22-25 is a wonderful summary of the role of the church and really equates to true fellowshipWhen we are caring for one another, we will find that it is two-fold. There is a positive aspect to caring (we are able to encourage and build one another up — Romans 12:10) while there is also a negative aspect to caring (we are able to correct and instruct one another, which is really positive, too — Galatians 6:1-2). Small groups require relationships to be developed that are meaningful, honestand lasting. This isn’t automatic and must be worked for, but it is able to be accomplished.


Small groups provide simple opportunities for outreach. We believe that small groups are best positioned to engage and equip the highest percentage of believers in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-16, Acts 1:8). It is the church’s job to equip the members of the Small Groups. How does this happen? Each class has within itself its own opportunities built right in. Each group is trained from within. Each group creates annual Gospel Goals (click here for this year’s Gospel Goals). Each group then will execute that goal together as one. Each group will then pray together for those whom they shared the Gospel with.

As you can see in this three-fold strategy, we believe that small groups are a gift from the Lord to the people of the church and to the people of the community. We hope that you will join one of these groups that the Lord has given the church. All small groups take place on campus every Sunday morning at either 9:30 or 11:00 and each class is walking through the same curriculum where we are studying the Bible in a three year chronological plan. For more information about individual small groups, please click here. If you have additional questions about this ministry, please email Pastor Brian Stiles.