Gospel Goals 2017

In 2017 FBW will seek to take the grace of God through the Gospel and work it deep into our own hearts while sharing it with our community, and others near and far. This is a brief list of the Gospel-focused events, projects, trips, and relationships that we have committed to for 2017!

Gospel/Outreach Projects
(Small Groups)

1. Baptist Children’s Home Outreach
2. Hope Women’s Centers Outreach
3. “Shut-ins” Outreach
4. Rehab Center Ministry Outreach
5. Local Parks Outreach
6. Angel Tree Outreach
7. Local Neighborhood Outreach
8. Police Department Outreach
9. Local Neighborhood Outreach
10. Community Security Guard Outreach
11. Nursing Home Outreach
12. Local Neighborhood Outreach
13. Department of Corrections Outreach
14. College Campus Outreach

Children’s Ministry

1. Vacation Bible School
2. Operation Christmas Child

Weston Christian Academy

1. Water Well in Tanzania
2. Neva King Cooper School
3. Sheridan House
4. 5K Freedom Run

Student Ministry

1. World Changers Mission Trip Tampa
2. Jamaica Mission Trip
3. 1st Priority School Campuses
4. Summer Camp
5. Outreach Ministry Events

Worship Ministry

Mission Trip – Cuba

Missionary Support

1. Kurt & Wendy Urbanek – Cuba
2. James Oilar – FCA Venezuela/Colombia
3. Renette Antoine – UNC College Outreach
4. SBC Cooperative Program

Churchwide Outreach

1. Special Outreach Services (Easter, Christmas Eve)
2. Mission Trips
3. Personal Evangelism

Local Church Support

1. Hope Fellowship Church

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