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Campus Map

While we have signage to help you navigate your way when you come as our guest, we also want to provide you with a campus map. You can download the PDF of our campus map below.



Next Steps

Finding your way to the right place can be hard if you are not sure where you need to go. To help you find your place within First Baptist Church at Weston, we invite you to participate in these important opportunities to meet others within the church and to be equipped to know foundational information about the church and Christianity.

Discovery Class

Our Discovery Class is designed to give our guests and church attendees information about our church and what is necessary to become a member of First Baptist Church at Weston. Those who attend this informative class will learn about our beliefs, mission, and vision. You will also learn how to get involved in ministry.

If you are interested in becoming a church member or learning more about First Baptist Church at Weston, this class is for you.


Discovery Class takes place quarterly on campus, Sunday 3:00-5:30pm. The class is open to everyone. For the next class date, time and location, please check the church calendar in the Events tab.

Small Groups

Small groups are an integral part of helping people make friends and make the church feel like home. We have a variety of groups that are built around life situations, so there will be a class for you. To see a list of small groups, specific topics being studied, and how to contact the leaders, click here.

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