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“Biblical Counseling is the Spirit-empowered process of one Christian humbly and compassionately coming along side another with careful consideration of all data (personal, situational and medical), to lend applicable words of hope, admonition and/or practical help through Jesus Christ and His Truth, toward the goals of:

Strengthening faith and one’s relationship with God, so as to live for His glory, in His sufficiency, with abiding hope (trust, peace, joy) and usefulness in His kingdom, even amongst difficulty.

Assisting them to make specific personal application of God’s Truth (His person, works, promises, perspectives, commands) to their hearts (beliefs, affections, and will), their past, their current problems (sin and/or trial), their daily responses and conclusions, and their behavior—in true worship of God.

All in the permeating context of the Whole Gospel (it’s hope, privileges and obligations), employing all the God-given elements of change (the Word of God, the Spirit of God, repentance [where needed] faith, the supremacy of Christ, mind renewal, the put off-put on principle, accountability, alertness of spiritual battle, the disciplines of the Christian life, and eternal perspective), with strategic involvement of the local body of Christ (another key element of change).” – Dr. Stuart Scott

For a full explanation of Biblical Counseling please refer to the “Confessional Statement” from the Biblical Counseling Coalition.


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