First Baptist Church at Weston enjoys a unique opportunity to work with the church in Cuba through a long-term relationship with missionaries and the Baptist Convention on the island.

Worship Training Schools

  • Help develop the next generation of worship leaders by training musicians and vocalists to be trainers of other musicians and vocalists through discipleship and skill development.

Goals for this trip:

  • When possible, provide instruments or repair instruments free of charge to needy musicians in Cuba.

How your giving helps in Cuba:

  • Provides resources/material for the construction project in which FBCW is participating.
  • Provides resources to repair musical instruments while the Worship Training Team is in-country.
  • Provides support to send musicians and instruments into Cuba to train leaders

What you can do to further the missions work in Cuba:

  • Donate new or used musical instruments to take into Cuba.

How you can pray to further the missions work in Cuba:

  • Pray for the Worship Training Schools in Cuba that they will continue to reach students within the church and community with the Gospel.
  • Pray for the team going to train musicians. Pray specifically for safety during travel, as well as for the resources to repair musical instruments while they are in-country.