Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is an international organization committed to teaching the Bible. Classes start at 6:55 pm, with classes concluding at 8:45 pm. You are invited to come and be a part of this great group made up of women from all over South Florida.

The Bible Study Fellowship experience is more than a class. It is a daily opportunity to interact with the text of the Bible. From the first class, BSF has used a four-fold method to help people better understand the context and applications of what they are studying.

The Four-Fold Approach factors in:


During the week leading up to a BSF Class, members are encouraged to work through study questions. When they arrive at their class, members join with their weekly discussion groups for lively conversation based on insights from their daily studies.

The teaching leader then lectures on the passage, helping class members delve even further into their understanding of the passage. The week’s lesson wraps up with notes from the teaching that help enrich the members’ understanding and application.

And then the Four-Fold Approach begins again!

This approach is consistent with each of BSF’s seven yearlong studies that coincide with the school-year calendar.

  • Matthew
  • The Life of Moses
  • John
  • History of Israel and the Minor Prophets
  • Acts of the Apostles
  • Genesis
  • Romans

While this is a comprehensive 33-week study, it is also designed for you to jump into it at any time. To find out what’s involved in getting started in a BSF class at First Baptist Church at Weston, contact the BSF Class Administrator.

BSF International Website