What to expect on Sunday mornings

In our Early Childhood Ministries, we make every effort to provide a safe and secure environment where our children are loved in two identical classes. We believe that learning begins at birth; therefore we begin teaching about the love of God in even the youngest of classrooms. We want to promote a Christ-centered atmosphere to all children in their age appropriate room. Our hope is by the time the child reaches grade school we will have laid a firm foundation for growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

Babies and one year old toddlers

While in our Nursery, babies get a first impression of our loving Heavenly Father. These little ones enjoy biblically based music and age appropriate toys that are sanitized after every Sunday service. One year olds are loved in an environment that encourages exploration in a stimulating classroom.

Two, three, and four year olds

Preschoolers are introduced to a more traditional classroom that fosters Biblical knowledge by using crafts, activities and games that support the day’s Bible lesson. We utilize and teach through the Gospel Project curriculum across campus which enables our youngest two year old to learn the same lesson as our oldest person who attends church any given Sunday. What this creates is wonderful family worship conversation in which all persons in the family can interact.

Getting your child to the right class

If attending for the first time a staff member at the welcome center (located inside of the Early Childhood building) will assist you in registering your child in the appropriate class. You will be asked to complete a paper registration and your child’s name will be added to the class roster. Vibrate notification pagers are available at the welcome table upon request.

Dismissal procedures

Your child may be picked up directly from his/her assigned classroom. Teachers will release children exclusively to the parent or guardian with the “guardian receipt” that matches the child’s identification name tag. Children cannot be released to siblings or persons under the age of 18.

What happens if I don’t have the claim check?

Good question! If you do not have the “guardian receipt”, the Early Childhood Coordinator or staff member will be summoned and positive identification will be made prior to the child being released.

For our security and wellness policies, head over to our Safety and Policies page.